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Your Embedded Talent Acquisition Solution

We are Scout, the on demand talent team of choice for companies such as Multiverse, Moneybox, Treatwell, TrueLayer, Beauty Pie, Callsign, Dext and many more…

We are Scout

A faster, flexible and more cost effective way for companies to grow their teams


Sourcing, Screening & ATS Management

A Talent Partner would be embedded into your business with the aim of really pushing your hiring forward by proactively building pipelines, providing a world class candidate journey and managing all talent acquisition administration


Processes, Insights & Candidate Journey

Our most popular offering, Drive is a Talent Partner with a strong background within internal talent acquisition. They would provide all the services offered at the Focus level but would also have additional experience and expertise in a variety of other areas within talent acquisition


Strategy, Training & Talent Management

The Build package is one of our most senior Talent Partners with many years experience within talent acquisition. They would not only be able to offer everything covered within the FOCUS and DRIVE packages but they would also bring further seniority and expertise to your business

They already trust us

We have saved our clients over £10m on hiring costs!

Our mission is to give companies of all sizes equal access to the best talent out there!

Your very own Talent Team

We plug ourselves into companies on a 3 month rolling basis, helping to scale up teams across Tech and Non Tech.

For startups, scaleups and businesses of any size

We’re passionate about working with exciting and disruptive businesses, where we can be impactful and set companies up for success.

Who We Are

We’re a team dedicated to helping founders achieve their objectives.

Our passion is helping businesses across the globe to achieve their goals, by delivering a best in class service.

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Embedded Talent Acquisition

Embedded Talent Acquisition is a transformative approach to talent procurement that represents a significant shift in the way organisations source their workforce. At its core, Embedded Talent Acquisition introduces external embedded talent partners into your company’s talent acquisition function. Unlike traditional recruitment methods, where external recruiters operate independently, these embedded talent professionals prioritise seamless collaboration and integration with your internal team. This synergy enhances the embedded talent acquisition process, aligning it closely with your organisational goals and needs. The benefits of embedded talent include a highly customised recruitment strategy that leads to more successful and strategic talent acquisition, driving long-term company success through the utilisation of embedded talent expertise.

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